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Tips + Training

Whether you're walking 7km, 21km, 42km or 65km, the following tips will help you stay on track to safely reach your goal.
Walk or Run with a Buddy

Whatever distance you're walking or running, it's always more fun together! You can keep each other motivated as you pound out the kms. 

Know your limits

42km is a full marathon and 65km is an ultra-marathon distance. 

Marathon distances should only be undertaken by individuals who have trained for the occasion. 

If this is your first time participating in one of the longer distances, speak to your doctor before you begin training.

Start with short walks, such as the equivalent of one lap of The Bay Run – 7km, which will take you over an hour to complete. Build up your distance over time. If you are participating in a marathon distance, you would need to be walking 30-40km 2-3 weeks before the event. 

You should walk less in the week of the event, to allow your body to recover and prepare.


Prepare for all types of conditions. If you're walking for a long time the weather could go from rainy to very hot and your preparedness will have a huge impact on your ability to finish your goal. Consider getting some quick-drying walking gear, sunglasses, rain gear, sunscreen etc. It can get very hot this time of year, so be sure to stay well-hydrated and protected from the sun.


If you walk the full 65km, it is likely you will burn off 3000 – 4000 calories during the course of the day. Eat well and snack often, irrespective of the distance you're walking. Eat a healthy balanced meal before you begin, and bring along low-fat, high-carb, and medium-protein snacks– trail mix, muesli bars, nuts and bananas are good options for maintaining energy. 


Wear good walking shoes that are already broken in – don’t start this walk in new shoes, as that will guarantee blisters. Carry an extra pair of socks and leave a change of shoes and more socks with your check-in buddy. Remember if walking long distances in the rain, you will need to try and keep your feet as dry as possible.

Take a Break

Bring wipes, plasters, antibacterial gel, and extra pair of socks.

Freshening up can be very psychologically uplifting. Sit down, but not for too long. Keep your muscles warm to avoid injury.


Avoid clothing that will cause chafing. Wear comfortable or compression clothing designed to minimise friction. Consider wearing sleeves and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.


Change walking partners. Talking to someone new makes the laps go faster and breaks up the day. If you're walking a longer distance, invite different friends to register for shorter distances and to join you for their walk. Create a new playlist - keep an eye out for the official 65k 4 65 Roses Walkathon playlist on Spotify - or listen to a podcast or audiobook.

Pace Yourself

Don’t walk too hard or too fast too early - you will pay for it! The longer distances are endurance walks, not races. The last 10kms are much harder than the first 10.

The week before the walk you might want to consider:
  • Freezing bottles of water and carrying some with you while leaving some to wait for you at the finish line so you can drink something cold all throughout.
  • Eating plenty of carbs to provide you with the long-haul energy you need on the day. This week, bread and pasta are your friends!
  • Making sure you have everything you need – Pack a small, lightweight bag with essentials to carry with you - things like a torch (if you're starting in the dark), plasters (in case of blisters), snacks, water, change of socks & shirt etc, raincoat, sunblock, painkillers, and of course, the free 65K cooling headband you will receive. Pack another bag for your check-in buddy to bring to you with extra shoes, more snacks, more water, a change of clothes, a toothbrush, etc.
  • Cutting your toenails to make your feet as comfortable as possible
  • Charging your iPod, power bank, fitness tracker/smart watch, or phone. 
  • Downloading the integrated fitness app We will be integrating a fitness app into the event website so you can track and record your time and distance and share on social media. More details to come.
  • Check the website and your email for any last-minute instructions. CFFC will send out emails in the lead-up to the week as more information becomes available. We recommend remaining subscribed to these emails so you don’t miss out on any important information.