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Join the SUPER important team that makes this event possible!

Volunteers are critical to the success of all our events, especially one of this size.

We LOVE that you choose to spend your time with us!

The 65K Volunteer Roles:

There are various jobs that are required throughout the event. The following provides an overview of these roles. You will be assigned your role the day according to need, but jobs may include:

  • Set Up/Tear Down – Every event needs help prior to and after the hours. Tasks will include moving boxes, setting tables, organizing information, gathering materials, posting signage, cleaning, etc.
  • Water station – man the water stations around the track and hand out water
  • General support for walkers
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Liaise with other volunteers such as Kindi Farm, entertainers
  • Safety Monitoring and Walker Support – Stationed around the track to keep an eye on the walkers and call in any incidents
  • Bubble Bike – Ride around the course on your own bike to liven up the course and cheer on and motivate walkers

The day will have very busy periods, especially with registration and walker support. Please arrive on time be prepared to be flexible and help out as required.

Volunteer shifts available

Friday 24 February
Bump in – 1pm – 5pm

Saturday 25 February
Shift 1 – 1:30am – 4am
Shift 2 – 4am – 7am
Shift 3 – 7am – 11am
Shift 4 – 10am – 1pm
Shift 5 – 1pm –  5pm

If you would like to volunteer please register here or contact us at reception@cfcc.org.au