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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for common questions we get asked leading up to the event!

Where does my money go?

All funds raised by this event are split evenly between Cystic Fibrosis Community Care and The Children's Hospital at Westmead and go toward assisting each organisation in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

Where is this year's 65k 4 65 Roses Walkathon taking place?

In 2022 this is a hybrid event, so you can choose to join us at The Bay Run in Leichhardt or join up and do your km's virtually. At the launch of the event, we must wait until December for information confirming a face to face event. But don't let that deter you - you can still gather with your team, walk in the location that best suits you, and make a fun day out of it.

Additionally, the Walkathon period is nine days. This give you two weekends and 5 week days to participate. You can either knock your distance out in one go or you can chip away at your distance across multiple days.

What should I do with supplies that I might need throughout the day

If you're planning on walking one of the longer distances it's important that you have some way of checking in with a support team or person while you're walking. Walk a path that goes in a loop so you're periodically checking in at your "base" or arrange to have your support person/team meet you throughout your walk with things like extra food and water, shoes and socks, bandages and sunscreen, etc.

What comes in my registration pack?

Every person who registers on or before 20 February will receive a race bib and medal. For an additional $20, you can purchase a pair of Rabbitohs CF socks, or $35 for a limited edition 65k 4 65 Roses walkathon running singlet or $99 Body Science CF compression tights. 

When do I get my registration pack?

If you register on or before 31 January, your pack will be posted out from 7-12 February. If you register after 31 January your pack will still be posted out, but you may not receive it until after the event.

When do online registrations close?

65K online registrations close at midnight on Saturday 26 February.

Do I get a free singlet this year?

No. This year you will receive the 65k 4 65 Roses Walkathon cooling headband in lieu of the usual singlet. You will also receive a race bib to wear on your walk and a medal to celebrate your achievement. Additional purchases such as the Rabbitohs CF socks, limited edition 65k 4 65 Roses walkathon singlet or compression tights can be purchased as additions during the registration process. 

What time should I start walking?

If NSW Government restrictions allow and the face-to-face event goes ahead, the 65km distance will start at 2am, the 42km starts at 5am, the 35km starts at 7am, and the 21 and 7km start at 9am. This allows everyone to finish walking before 5pm. If walking virtually, we recommend that you follow this schedule while doing the walk on your own in 2022.

Do I need a torch?

If you’re walking at all in the dark, please bring a high powered torch and spare batteries. Even if you're familiar with the path you're walking and know that it's well lit, you never know what things will be like on the day.

Do I need sunscreen and a hat?

ABSOLUTELY! Sunscreen & sun protection is essential as the weather can be quite hot this time of year. Please take all precautions to stay protected from the sun when possible – high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, sleeves, a hat. If possible, try to walk a shady route.

What if it rains?

Bring wet weather gear and extra shoes/socks if the weather calls for even a small chance of rain. 65k is an outdoor event and is subject to all kinds of weather. Please be prepared!

How should I look after my feet?

Be sure to bring extra wool socks & spare walking shoes if possible, or have someone that can meet you and bring you these things. It’s amazing how sore and tired feet will feel better after a change of shoes and socks. Blister kits and tape for your feet are another key item. If you develop a hot spot on your foot, do not walk another lap without caring for it. 7km can feel VERY long if you have a blister. This can determine whether you finish your goal distance or not.

What should I eat on the day?

Two to four hours before your walk, you should eat a carbohydrate based meal or snack such as breakfast cereal with milk and fruit, or even a ham and cheese toastie. During your walk, you should be sure to keep your energy up with low fat, carb based snacks such as bananas or trail mix. Don’t forget to eat – set an alarm reminding you to grab something every hour or two. This is very important to keep you from running out of fuel mid-walk.

Should I bring my phone?

Definitely. In fact, we ask all long distance walkers to carry a phone on them while walking/running alone in case of emergency. It’s advised to bring a power bank if you have one, as well.