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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for common questions we get asked leading up to the event!

Is there a location where I can store a bag with supplies I may need through the day?

We ask that you bring your own shade/tent to put up in the oval where your food/water and any other supplies will be accessible to you every 7km. We do not have secure bag check and do not guarantee safety of unattended items at the oval.

How do I get to the event?

The closest physical address is Le Montage at 38 Fraser Street, Lilyfield. Leichhardt Park Oval 3 - where the event begins - is a little farther down the car park on Maliyawul Street. There is limited parking in this lot and the residential streets surrounding. We ask that when possible you arrange drop off and pickup with family/friends when public transit is not running (2am & 5am starts).

For all 8am & 9am starts we ask if at all possible you use public transit.

Where do I get my race bib?

If you register on or before 31 January, your bib will be posted to either you or your team leader. If you register after 31 January you can pick up your bib on the day next to registration.

When do online registrations close?

65K online registrations close at midnight on Wednesday 19 February. As this is a strict cut-off, please register well before the closing time.

Can I register on the day?

Yes. If you have friends and family that have not registered and wish to do so on the day, please ask them to proceed to the registration marquee at the event.

When do I get my singlet?

If you register on or before 31 January, your singlet will be posted to either you or your team leader. If you qualify after 31 January, you can pick up your singlet on the day.

Where are the water stations?

There is a water truck located at the oval for refilling your bottles. Please consider the environment and refill and reuse your bottle when possible.

There are  2 water stations with volunteers handing out water bottles along the 7km route. There are also a few water coolers around the track. If you require additional water, please make arrangements to carry it with you.  Be sure to stay properly hydrated!

What is available at Oval 3 start/finish area?

Toilets, water and first aid will be available for the entire event, from 2am-5pm.

The oval will begin to come alive at 6am with the opening of the BBQ and the coffee van. Various forms of entertainment, Kindi Farm Animal Farm, sport club activations, physiotherapy, a Chill Out Zone, and more will be available throughout the morning and afternoon, contributing to the festive atmosphere. Activities in the oval will begin to wind down around 2 PM.

Should I bring a tent and/or a marquee?

Please bring your own shade. Many teams will bring pop up marquees; you are allowed to set them up in the oval with proper weighting (sandbags or water - no stakes). Beach sunshades are also useful for storing personal items, food and extra water. Please do not empty sandbags on the oval when leaving.

Do I need a torch?

If you’re walking 65kms or 42kms please bring a high powered torch and spare batteries as you’ll be starting your walk in the dark.

Do I need sunscreen and a hat?

ABSOLUTELY! Sunscreen & sun protection is essential as the weather can be quite hot this time of year. Please take all precautions to stay protected from the sun when possible – high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses sleeves, a hat. There is very little shade around the route.

What if it rains?

Bring wet weather gear and extra shoes/socks if the weather calls for even a small chance of rain. 65k is an outdoor event and is subject to all kinds of weather. It will go on rain or shine. Please be prepared.

How should I look after my feet?

Be sure to bring extra wool socks & spare walking shoes if possible. It’s amazing how sore and tired feet will feel better after a change of shoes and socks. Blister kits and tape for your feet are another key item. If you develop a hot spot on your foot, do not walk another lap without caring for it. 7km can feel VERY long if you have a blister. This can determine whether you finish your goal distance or not.

What should I eat on the day?

Two to four hours before the event, you should eat a carbohydrate based meal or snack such as breakfast cereal with milk and fruit, or even a ham and cheese toastie. During your walk, you should be sure to keep your energy up with low fat, carb-based snacks such as bananas or trail mix. Don’t forget to eat – set an alarm or make it a point to stop at base camp to grab something every lap. This is very important to keep you from running out of fuel mid-walk.

Should I bring my phone?

Definitely. In fact, we ask all long distance walkers to carry a phone on them while walking/running alone in case of emergency. It’s advised to bring an extra battery or portable charger if you have one, as well.

Should I bring a chair?

For those walking 42 & 65km you should consider bringing a small chair. Later in the day you may find it quite difficult to get up and down when taking a rest on a blanket.