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I am excited to announce that on April 29th, I will be running my very first marathon to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). This disease hits very close to home for me, as it lead to my beautiful cousin’s long lived, but short 14 years of life, and more recently my 1 year-old nephew being born with CF.
Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease that affects the lungs, digestive system, and other vital organs. People with CF have a faulty gene that causes a thick, sticky mucus to build up in their lungs, making it difficult to breathe. This mucus can also block ducts in the pancreas, preventing enzymes from reaching the small intestine to help digest food.
CF is a lifelong illness that requires daily treatments, medications, and careful management. While there is no cure, advances in medical treatment have improved life expectancy for those with CF. However, more research is still needed to find a cure and improve the lives of those living with this disease.
That is why I am asking for your help.
I am running this marathon to raise awareness about CF and to support my nephew and others like him who are living with this disease.
This is a challenge that will push me to my physical limits however, 1 day of struggle is well worth it for those that have and might live a lifetime of this. Your sponsorship will go a long way in supporting treatment and programs that help people with CF live full and active lives.
Please consider making a donation of any amount to support this cause. Every dollar counts, and together we can make a difference.
Next goal... Trikafta on the PBS for 6 year olds!
Thank you for your support.